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Writing a Perfect Chemistry Thesis

Learning how to write a chemistry research paper takes you closer to accomplishing the paper composed of different sections. Each of them also has a specification you need to understand. Every chemistry dissertation, at the very least, is between 20 and 25 pages. However, the number of pages also depends on the publication where the research will be published. It is also written in a specific style, such as using a 12pt font and double-spaced. To be on the right track, you must also consider consulting the research directors on the thesis structure. But at a default, the following is the recommended structure of the academic paper.

Title Page

It contains the title of the paper along with the name of the research director and the student. The title must be clear, brief and grammatically correct. It must also be accurate to give the readers’ a quick glimpse and clear idea of what the paper is about. The title page is the one that attracts your potential audience. It also aids the indexing and retrieval services. If submitting the paper on a journal publication, the names o the authors and the institution address should follow the title. The institution address is the place where the study was conducted. The title must also contain the date when the journal editor received the paper. Author names must be listed “first name, middle initial and last name.’ it must also include the people who contributed to the paper. Use an asterisk on the author who should receive any correspondence.


This section is a one-half page and written in the single-spaced format. The abstract is a definitive summary of the research paper, along with its methods, conclusions, objectives, and results. It has different purposes, including allowing the reader to find out the information or the nature of the paper, allowing the editors to discover the main features of the paper for retrieval and indexing and many more. The abstract section should highlight the main purpose of or problem tackled in the paper.


This section contains the review of a related or pertinent literature as well as the significance and objectives of the paper. The lit review must be cited carefully and accurately for the potential audience better understanding. In addition, the section should be very detailed for a journal article. It should also highlight the problem clearly and the reasons that you’re studying the topic. The section must also outline the studies that have been done through the listing and citing relevant, significant literature. Overall, the introduction section should include the scope, significance, and limits of the paper. This part is not labeled in journals.

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This section will highlight the methods used. These can include analytical, synthetic, instrumental or computational. You also mention the compound synthesized or equipment built, among others.


This portion of the thesis highlights the data in a detailed and complete manner. It also has to have enough understandable description without the interpretation yet. You need to summarize the collected data as well as its statistical treatment.


This is the interpretation, analysis and explanation part of the results, including both negative and positive.

Summary or Conclusion

Highlight the final statement. Mention if you have resolved the problem. On the other hand, you need to write what you have contributed if you did not solve it. The summary must be based on the evidence you have presented. You may also suggest further applications or study if needed.

Other parts of the paper
  • Acknowledgments: This is the last section acknowledging the people that have helped in the research.
  • References: Use the specific style as indicated by the research director.
  • Appendices: This portion is where to include an extensive tabulation of the raw data collected.

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What to Avoid

  • Not numbering the pages: you should number them as they appear consecutively.
  • Not having each table on a separate sheet: they should be numbered as well as include a caption on the top portion. The same goes for the columns. They need labels, each with an explanation in the caption/footnote.
  • Not drawing every figure on a separate sheet: prepare figures carefully using a drawing program,
  • Not starting early: plan ahead and set a deadline for each section of the chemistry dissertation.

Chemistry Thesis Topics

  • Are there healthy ingredients in a diet soda? What are their effects?
  • The pros and cons of fluoride in drinking water
  • Most dangerous chemical elements
  • Different smells and what makes them different
  • Impact of chemistry to the world
  • Baking and chemistry principles
  • How plastic packaging affects food
  • Can chemical substances replace eggs in baking
  • Food allergies and chemicals that trigger them
  • Traditional versus biofuel

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