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The Perils of A Cosmetic Chemistry Course

cosmetic chemistryCosmetic chemistry is a big deal these days because more and more people are looking to enter the skin care and colour cosmetics industry. To a lot of young people, getting themselves involved in this industry sounds seriously cool. The problem is, though, that before we get ourselves a job in the cosmetic chemistry industry, we have to go through a very rigorous beginning cosmetic chemistry course which separates the wheat from the chaff.

Because whilst working in the skin care sounds really appealing, there is a lot of work to be done in the classroom first. Students have to get their heads around formulation chemistry, compounding, cell biology, biochemistry, and basic microbiology. As well as, you know, everything else. Cosmetics has never sounded so dull.

Frequent Cosmetic Chemistry Questions

We at receive numerous questions each week from students wanting help with their cosmetic chemistry course. Of course, we are only too happy to oblige! To give you an idea of the kinds of questions everyone else in your position is up against, we decided to draw up a brief list of the most popular questions we are asked to answer.

  • Describe the properties of ammonia
  • What is the function of a powder?
  • Describe the uses of Foundation
  • Detail the uses and properties of ammonia
  • Do you consider shampooing to have advantages? If so, why?
  • What are the compositions of Barrier cream?

The Difficulties of a Beginning Cosmetic Chemistry Course

A cosmetic chemistry course might sound fun at first, but once you get into it, you can quickly realise that it’s just no fun at all. Rather than testing out skin care products, you’re being set exams where you have to describe in detail the properties of ammonia. Yet getting through these testing stages in your life are important if you want to achieve your ultimate goal of working in the cosmetics industry. To make your life easier at this point, and to help shed some light on the subject of cosmetic industry, we at are home to a team of seriously awesome chemistry tutors who offer students just like YOU a guiding hand. We work on your assignments with you, offering advice and 100% solutions so that not only do you get the grades, but you also gain some greater understanding and enjoyment out of the subject. We’re not saying hat we make cosmetic chemistry fun, but we do make it better!

We like to think that we’re good at what we do because we take a very professional and yet open approach. We’re available 24/7 if students have any questions they want to ask us, and we also LOVE what we do. To us, chemistry is a seriously cool subject, with a cosmetic chemistry course one of the coolest. It’s our hope that our enthusiasm rubs off on the student to make their life easier. You can also get nuclear chemistry problems solved or polymer chemistry help.

So if you are relay struggling to get started with your beginning cosmetic chemistry course, why not get in touch with us today to see how we can take a load off?