How to Deal with Green Chemistry Reactions

green chemistry reactions


What Is Green Chemistry?

It isn’t so surprising that green chemistry is a fairly new branch of science. As more and more industries were created, more and more pollution spread into the atmosphere, leading to holes in our earth’s ozone, acid rain, and damage to crops. Because of the damaging effects that pollution – which was mankind’s own doing – was having on our lives and futures, business and regulatory communities decided to come up with a number of initiatives, with the goals of green chemistry being to prevent the natural evolution of pollution. Green chemistry seeks to save our planet from damaging harm by our chemists and engineers conceiving and executing green chemistry reactions that help to eliminate toxics and waste.

Although it might seem like it, the goals of green chemistry are NOT politically driven. Nor are green chemistry reactions a public relations ploy. Moreover, green chemistry theory and practice is not for nothing, because saving our planet from further irreparable harm is not a pipe dream; instead, it’s both a noble and an effective goal. Scientists have been able to develop green chemistry reactions that are able to stop pollution at source, creating chemicals that are happier and more planet-friendly than the hazardous substances we have been using for years and years. Indeed, it could be argued that the goals of green chemistry is to be the future of chemistry. It is a field of chemistry that is open to progress, fresh concepts, and innovation.

Guiding Principles

Green chemistry reactions have a number of guiding principles that include outright prevention of pollution – as opposed to simply clearing up the waste after it has been produced. One of the goals of green chemistry is to use less hazardous chemical syntheses, as well as designing safer chemicals. Other principles include using safer solvents and auxiliaries, use of renewable feedstocks, and designing for degradation, which essentially means that green chemistry theory and practice is determined to only design products that will break down after use – as opposed to living on in the environment.

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