How to Set Chemistry Experiment Correctly

chemistry experiment


A chemistry experiment can be fun. In fact, it can be downright totally awesome. Unfortunately, not all of us feel this way. Some of us just find chemistry really darn hard. So when you’re set a chemistry experiment in class, it’s often a moment you’ve been dreading. It’s the moment you’ve been hoping and praying would never come. After all, not many of us are great at chemistry. It’s one of those subjects where you’ve either got it or you haven’t got it – and if you haven’t got it, chemistry lab experiments can be difficult. Aside from worrying that you’re going to blow up the classroom, you also worry about poor grades, or worse still, outright failure. Not cool.

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Organic Chemistry Experiments: What Reports We Do

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Chemistry Lab Experiments: a Few Examples

Chemistry experiments can be awesome. To prove it, we’re now going to give you a few examples that will hopefully raise your spirits and make you think, “you know what? Chemistry can be FUN!’

Melting metal with magnets

Melting metals with a magnet can be seriously cool. Because copper wire has a lot of AC electricity coursing through it, it becomes a powerful electromagnet. Metal slugs can convert a significant amount of this electrical energy into heat. Once the heat builds up, the metal slug becomes seriously hot – and melts.

Heating Mercury Thiocyanate

This is one you don’t want to be trying at home – but it’s one which looks cool as heck. When you set mercury thiocyanate on fire – which is an inorganic chemical compound that looks like white powder – it begins to ‘come alive’. This means it grows into what looks like a HUGE snake that crawls out of the white powder. It’s nicknamed the Pharaohs Serpent and should be used to scare the heck out of your neighbours.

Burning Magnesium In Dry Ice

When you burn magnesium in dry ice, the result is something akin to the formation of the Universe. Clouds of white dust spring up – it looks beautiful!

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