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polymer chemistry help

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Picture the scene. You’re sat in your polymers chemistry class. You’re really struggling with your assignment. Like, really struggling. You look around for you a bit of reassurance that everyone else is really struggling too, but you’re miffed to see that everyone has their heads down and seems to be scribbling furiously. They’re acing it! They know chemistry polymers inside out! They know exactly what they’re doing. It’s only YOU that is having a really hard time of it. And because of this, you begin to panic, realising that if you don’t sort this out, you’re going to fail. Life totally sucks at this point because you simply don’t know how to sort this out.

What Is Polymers Chemistry?

This is no bad thing, though, because lots of people struggle with polymers chemistry. It’s a multidisciplinary science that centres around, yep, you’ve guessed it – polymers! More to the point, it centres around their chemical synthesis and chemical properties. To some students, polymers are just pests that get in the way of real life. In reality, though, polymers play a very important role in our lives because it is these HUGE molecules that form plastic via a process known as polymerisation. Indeed, chemistry polymers is mostly understood in science – but it’s also very well understood in the plastics industry too. In short, polymers are chemical compounds in which molecules are grouped together and can be used to form incredibly useful things, such as plastic and rubber. Polymers chemistry, then, centres around exploring and examining their properties.

Examples of Frequent Polymer Chemistry Questions and Answers

Here at chemistryassignmenthelp.com, we receive numerous assignments each week centring around chemistry polymers, and because we’re so awesome at what we do, we manage to solve them all! To show you the kinds of questions we work on – and how we expertly we solve them! – we thought we’d show you a few examples of common polymer chemistry questions and answers. Answers in bold.

  • What is a monomer? Monomers are small units that make plastics
  • What is a polymer? A polymer is a big molecule that forms repeated chains of atoms
  • When a polymer is made from a monomer, what is the process known as? Polymerisation
  • What is the polymer made from tetrafluoroethene known as? Teflon

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