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The Best Resources for Writing Organometallic Chemistry Assignment

June 01, 2023
Dr. Elly James
Dr. Elly James
United Kingdom
Ph.D. in Chemistry is an expert in organometallic chemistry assignments. With over a decade of experience, she provides personalized guidance and solutions for students to excel in their assignments.
The Best Resources for Writing Organometallic Chemistry Assignments

The principles of organic and inorganic chemistry are combined in the fascinating field of organometallic chemistry. It entails the investigation of substances that have atoms of metal bound to carbon. Writing assignments on this topic demands a thorough comprehension of the underlying ideas as well as the availability of dependable sources to back up your research. We will examine the top sources for writing assignments in organometallic chemistry in this blog post.

Academic Journals

Academic journals are a priceless tool for keeping up with the most recent findings and advancements in organometallic chemistry. They offer comprehensive analyses, experimental techniques, and theoretical debates. Three renowned journals in the area are listed below

  1. "Organometallics"

    The American Chemical Society (ACS) publishes the peer-reviewed journal "Organometallics". It covers the synthesis, characterization, and applications of all facets of organometallic chemistry. The journal is a great place to find cutting-edge research in the area and features articles from top researchers around the globe.

    Original research articles, reviews, and perspectives are published in "Organometallics". The articles focus on organometallic compounds' synthesis, structure, bonding, reactivity, and spectroscopy. They also examine how organometallic compounds are used in chemistry, materials science, and other fields. The journal is an indispensable source for organometallic chemistry assignments because it offers thorough experimental procedures and spectroscopic data.

  2. "Journal of Organometallic Chemistry"

    The "Journal of Organometallic Chemistry" is another reputable journal that disseminates original research papers, review articles and concise communications about organometallic chemistry. It covers a wide range of topics, including fundamental organometallic chemistry and its uses in bioinorganic chemistry, catalysis, and materials science.

    The "Journal of Organometallic Chemistry" contains articles on a variety of topics related to organometallic chemistry, such as the synthesis, characterization, and reactivity of organometallic compounds. Additionally, they investigate the theoretical facets of organometallic chemistry and shed light on the mechanisms underlying important reactions. The journal is a useful tool for learning about the most recent advancements and trends in the industry.

  3. "Organometallic Chemistry"

    Elsevier's "Organometallic Chemistry" journal focuses on both basic and applied research in the field of organometallic chemistry. Organometallic synthesis, reactivity, catalysis, and computational studies are just a few of the many topics it covers. The journal serves as a venue for both theoretical and experimental research, making it an important source for assignments in organometallic chemistry.

    Research papers, reviews, and viewpoints that offer in-depth insights into various facets of organometallic chemistry can be found in the journal "Organometallic Chemistry". The articles go over the synthesis, characterization, and uses of organometallic compounds in various chemistry fields. The journal also emphasizes how computational techniques are used to comprehend the composition and reactivity of organometallic complexes.

Books and Textbooks

For in-depth information on understanding the fundamental ideas and principles of organometallic chemistry, consult books and textbooks. Here are two books in the area that come highly recommended:

  1. "Organometallic Chemistry" by Gary O. Spessard and Gary L. Miessler

    An excellent introduction to the fundamentals of organometallic chemistry can be found in this book. It covers important reaction mechanisms, applications of organometallic compounds, and topics like metal-alkyl, metal-aryl, and metal-carbene complexes. The book offers a wealth of examples and exercises to deepen comprehension and is appropriate for graduate as well as undergraduate students.

    The book "Organometallic Chemistry" by Spessard and Miessler provides a thorough overview of the major ideas and processes in the field. The structure, bonding, synthesis, characterization, and reactivity of organometallic compounds are all examined in this book. The uses of organometallic chemistry in catalysis, materials science, and medicine are also covered. It is a priceless tool for writing assignments on organometallic chemistry because of the clear explanations, illustrative examples, and problem-solving exercises.

  2. "Organometallic Chemistry" by Manfred Bochmann

    With a focus on the synthesis, structure, and reactivity of organometallic compounds, Manfred Bochmann's book provides a thorough overview of organometallic chemistry. A variety of topics are covered, such as ligand design, catalysis, and the use of organometallic compounds in organic synthesis. The book is an excellent resource for writing assignments in organometallic chemistry because it is well-structured and contains thorough explanations.

    The book "Organometallic Chemistry" by Bochmann offers a comprehensive examination of the ideas and uses of organometallic chemistry. Key ideas like coordination modes, reaction mechanisms, and metal-ligand bonding are covered in the book. Additionally, it discusses different synthetic procedures for creating organometallic compounds and emphasizes the function of these substances in organic synthesis and catalysis. This book is a vital resource for researchers and students studying organometallic chemistry because of how thorough it is.

Online Databases and Websites

Access to a sizable library of research papers, book reviews, and other materials pertaining to organometallic chemistry is made possible by online databases and websites. The following three sources are particularly helpful:

  1. Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC)

    Through its online platform, the Royal Society of Chemistry provides a wide array of resources on organometallic chemistry. They give access to databases, books, journals, and educational resources. The RSC website also offers discussion boards and interactive tools for connecting with other researchers and experts in the field of organometallic chemistry.

    You can look up research papers, book reviews, and other publications pertaining to organometallic chemistry in the RSC's online database. It gives users access to many different journals, such as "Chemical Science," "Dalton Transactions," and "Chemical Communications." For finding reputable research papers and reviews on organometallic chemistry for your assignments, turn to the RSC platform.

  2. American Chemical Society (ACS)

    Through its online platform, the American Chemical Society offers a wealth of resources for organometallic chemistry. On the ACS website, you can access a variety of databases, books, and journals, including "Organometallics" and "Inorganic Chemistry." Access to ACS publications like "Chemical Reviews" and "Accounts of Chemical Research," which frequently contain articles on organometallic chemistry, is also made available.

    You can search for research papers, book reviews, and other publications in the area of organometallic chemistry in the online database of ACS Publications. It gives users access to numerous journals that cover a variety of topics in organometallic chemistry, such as synthesis, characterization, and applications. For finding reliable and current information for your organometallic chemistry assignments, the ACS platform is a great resource.


The Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) offers SciFinder, a potent research tool. You can use it to look up information on substances, patents, and scientific literature. You can find relevant information for your assignments using the advanced search features and comprehensive collection of articles on organometallic chemistry in SciFinder.

By using SciFinder, you can look up the most recent findings in organometallic chemistry by looking up authors, keywords, and particular substances or reactions. Journals like "Organometallics," "Journal of Organometallic Chemistry," and many others are accessible through the database. For finding research papers, patents, and other pertinent data in organometallic chemistry, SciFinder is a priceless tool.


It is essential to have access to dependable and current resources when writing assignments on organometallic chemistry. The principles and innovations in organometallic chemistry can be understood by consulting academic journals, books, and online databases. You can improve your comprehension of the topic and produce well-researched and informative assignments by using these resources, including online platforms like RSC, ACS, and SciFinder, books like "Organometallics," "Journal of Organometallic Chemistry," "Organometallic Chemistry" by Spessard and Miessler, "Organometallic Chemistry" by Bochmann, and "Organometallic Chemistry" by Spessard and Miessler.

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