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Chemistry assignment help terms and conditions

Chemistryassignmenthelp.com uses terms and conditions to describe its engagement with clients. The terms and conditions provided here have all the rules that clients must comply with when seeking our services and using the website. All the rules here are general and only meant to improve service delivery. Before using the services of this website, ensure that you read and understand these terms and conditions because they will apply in service delivery.

Terms and conditions

We use terms and conditions to define our engagement with our clients. These terms and conditions explain how our clients should behave when using our website and during service delivery. It's important to note that our terms and conditions will apply to all tasks done through this website. Therefore, it is important that all the users of this website read and understand the terms and conditions. If there is anything that you do not understand about the terms and conditions provided on this website, contact our customer care for clarification. Additionally, if you disagree with the terms and conditions provided here, please do not use the services of this website because the same terms will apply.


Chemistryassignmenthelp.com owns all the contents on this website. We do not allow the modification, copying, sharing, distributing, or publishing of information you get from our website without written permission from our management. We request all the users of this website to respect all the contents they find here. Should we find anyone misusing information obtained from our website, we will deal with that person in accordance with the law. Note that if there are any damages, that person will be held accountable. All our clients can visit this section as many times as they want. There is no limit to how many times a client can go through these terms and conditions.

Termination of a contract

The contract between our clients and us becomes active immediately they hire us for chemistry assignment help. Either party can opt to terminate the existing contract depending on their reasons. From our side, we can terminate our contract with you if we notice that you have used someone else's money to pay for a service without their approval. We can also terminate our contract with you if we notice that the money you are using to pay for the service has been acquired through illegal means or is from money laundering. If we notice that you are using our website for illegal purposes or any other purpose other than the stated ones, we will terminate our contract with you.

From the client's side, they can terminate the contract depending on different factors, which they will state during the termination. Note that when you terminate a contract on active service, you will be notified by our team whether you qualify for a refund or not. You can also go through the refund policy to see when clients can be eligible for a refund and when they cannot.

Pricing and payment

All the payments for service are only made through our official payment methods. This is because we only have one center of command. Even when we are quoting for the services, we do that through our official communication channels. We charge for the different services we offer based on the urgency, complexity, and quantity of work. Note that some payment platforms will charge you transfer fees. Note that the client will incur the charges for making a payment to us. Note that if you need a refund for payment, we will process it immediately upon proof that you qualify for it. We ensure that all disputes regarding payments or service delivery are handled in-house.

Limitation of liability

The information we provide on this website is based on what we term correct according to our understanding. Therefore, we will not be held accountable for any information here termed as misleading or incorrect. We urge all our clients to keep us free from any claims. Note that we provide information that is in line with our service delivery.

Changing of our terms and conditions

We can change these terms and conditions at any time and without notifying anyone. We make changes depending on the changing times. We, therefore, urge all our clients to keep on visiting this platform from time to time to familiarize themselves with any changes. Note that all the changes made here are in line with the law and are made to improve service delivery. If you have any questions about the changes, contact our team.

Confidentiality of information

We treat all the information sent to us regarding service delivery as confidential information. We, therefore, do not share such information with any third party. We have provided a detailed explanation of how we treat the information we collect from our clients on our privacy policy. Visit the privacy policy section and ensure that you read and understand all the details. We do not collect personal information from our clients, such as pins and passwords. Information such as articles and reviews will not be treated as confidential information and, therefore, will be published on the website for all the website visitors to see.

Dispute resolution

All the services offered on this website are offered in good faith. We, therefore, encourage all our clients that if, in any case, there is a dispute, we first handle it through mediation. We have a department with skilled professionals who handle all disputes. If we do not agree through negotiation, the law can come in. The law governs this website, and we follow the law without bending it. Therefore, the dispute will be handled in accordable with the law. Note that Indian law covers this website, and it is the same law that will be applied in dispute resolution.