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Chemistry assignment help refund policy

Chemistryassignmenthelp.com has a fully functioning refund policy that students can use when seeking a refund from us. In this policy, we explain our clients' circumstances when they can seek a refund and when they cannot. Visit this section from time to time so that if there are any changes to the policy, you can be familiar with them.

Our refund policy

Chemistryassignmenthelp.com has an operational refund policy that students can use when seeking a refund from our team. We use this refund policy to guarantee our clients that we will deliver our services in accordance with the contract. There are different circumstances when you can seek a refund policy from us. Note that we ensure that we follow all the instructions according to the instructions. If we are not in a position to complete your assignment, we will inform you about it immediately and start the process of refunding you. However, to get a refund here, you must prove that you had paid for service here and that we failed to deliver as per the requirements. You must also note that all the refunds will be made to the same accounts used to make the payment.

Circumstances when you can seek a refund from us

Different circumstances can lead clients to opt to seek a refund. Some of them include;

When you pay twice for the same task. If you pay twice for the same task, you automatically qualify for a refund. However, if you have another task, you can use the extra payment for the extra work. If you need a refund for the extra payment, we will immediately make the refund through the same accounts you used to make the payment.

If we fail to get an expert to work on your assignment within one hour after you send it to us, we will inform you about the developments and refund your money. However, this has not happened in the past because we ensure that we have someone who can do it before we accept an assignment. We only take assignments that we can complete within the given time.

If you cancel an order within the first 20 minutes after assigning it to us and the order has not been indicated as urgent order, you will qualify for a refund. Refunds are not processed for exams, quizzes and urgent orders because we assign experts immediately after receiving them.

Cancellation of an order

An order can be cancelled either by our client or by us. Different reasons can lead us to cancel orders. If it comes to our notice that the money you used to pay for the order is from illegal activities such as money laundering, we will cancel the order. We will also terminate the order if you have used someone else's money without their approval. We will also terminate our contract with you if we find out that you are using our website for purposes other than the stated ones. From your end, you can terminate a contract with us based on the reasons that you will tell us. We will then tell you whether you qualify for a refund or not.