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Topic Description
Structure of carboxylic acids - Introduction to carboxylic acids
- Functional group and molecular formula
- Physical properties and chemical structure
Synthesis of carboxylic acids - Preparation methods for carboxylic acids
- Acidification of alcohols, aldehydes, and ketones
- Oxidation of primary alcohols and aldehydes
Reactions of carboxylic acids - Acid-base reactions and the formation of salts
- Esterification and amidation reactions
- Decarboxylation and reduction reactions
Derivatives of carboxylic acids - Acid halides, anhydrides, and esters
- Amides, nitriles, and acyl chlorides
- Importance and applications of derivatives
Occurrence and applications of carboxylic acids - Natural occurrence of carboxylic acids
- Uses in food, pharmaceuticals, and other industries
- Preservatives and flavouring agents
Biochemistry of carboxylic acids - Role in metabolism and cellular processes
- Involvement in fatty acid synthesis and breakdown
- Significance in the citric acid cycle
Industrial production of carboxylic acids - Manufacturing processes for carboxylic acids
- Petrochemical and bio-based production
- Industrial applications and economic significance
Environmental impact of carboxylic acids - Ecological effects of carboxylic acids
- Biodegradability and environmental concerns
- Mitigation strategies for reducing environmental impact

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